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Enabling large enterprises and entire industries to Collaborate at Warp Speed through the innovative use of a Holistic Ecosystem designed to unleash Panoramic Perception & Collective Intuition validated on a massive scale to solve the complex coordination puzzle and finally put an end to perpetual cost and schedule overruns.

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The Master Coach

The Holistic Ecosystem

The Collaboration Warp Drive® Holistic Ecosystem serves as a deeply integrated Central Nervous System that leverages the collective warp and weft of a Mega Project-or an entire industry-modeled after a "Complex Organism" that continually reinvents itself and shapes the path for doing extraordinary things in natural, spontaneous ways.

It serves as the warp drive for collaborative innovation, provides in-built detection/correction of dysfunctionality at the earliest point, and provides continuous validation of consilience-the condition in which evidence from independent, unrelated sources converges to strong conclusions.

The Holistic Ecosystem enables intuitive communication of critical Signs and Signals throughout the Mega Team, providing organic insight, cohesive alignment and synchronicity so Thousands Act as One and become masters of resourcefulness and innovation.

Ever seen a successful NBA or NFL franchise without a great coaching team?  We haven't either.

​The Master Coach role can be regarded as a fusion of the Head Coach role of a professional sports team, in conjunction with deep industry expertise as a Business and Technical Consultant, who applies transformative Strategic Intervention team coaching approaches for sustainable outcomes.

​The Master Coach serves the Mega Team through strong presence, technical fluency and a passion for strategically intervening to reveal blind spots, resolve inner conflicts, overcome limiting beliefs and draw out the best in team members-inspiring them to go far beyond themselves.

​As the caretaker of the Mega Team's strategic playbook and vital mission map, the Master Coach is responsible for catalyzing creativity, peak performance and innovation on a massive scale.

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